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Blå energi

Blå Energi

BLUE stands for truth and communication. To speak the truth, meaning that we speak our truth the way we perceive our truth, is very important to the body. The body knows what we think and feel; and when we say something else than what we mean, the body gets very confused.

Lies are the root to many problems in our coexistence with others. We do not say what we mean, to be polite, from cowardice, from fear or misunderstood kindness. Most of us lie every day, and most of us do not even notice. We think that to lie out of consideration is not to lie, because to lie out of consideration is more a compassionate act than a direct lie. But what kind of consideration are we talking about? Do we have so few words to choose between, or have so few ways of formulating the truth, that we are not able to tell the truth without hurting someone? We must learn that we cannot please everyone, that there will always be unpopular opinions that others do not like. The most important thing that we have to learn is that, to ourselves, our truth is ours, and it has a value to us that means much more than lies to be more popular with others.

We are a little like the wooden puppet Pinnochio, that got a longer and longer nose every time he lied, but our nose does not get longer, because others do not see that we lie; but inside, something is diminished, our conscience and self-respect. At work, in marriage and in friendship, a person that is honest, just and truthful is very valuable. It gives comfort to know that a person is honest and that you can trust this person.

BLUE energy is also a great inspiration for power. The BLUE energy is the reason why many people like to take on responsibility, whether it is by managing a company, writing in newspapers or being politicians. To have power over words and others, demands great knowledge about yourself and your own truth, mostly because they shall show us what honesty means.

Again, turn to yourself and learn to know yourself, and especially your own truth. The proverb here is: "Seek and you shall find."
Blå energi
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