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Fiolett energi

Fiolett Energi

VIOLET energy is the power of creation. VIOLET energy is rejuvenating, inspiring and stimulating, whether in nature or in people. Whether the VIOLET energy is part of creating life and death in nature, or part of creative work by people, it is the driving force.

All of us have access to this energy, but some more than others. You cannot avoid recognizing it, because it pushes you forward, towards something, whether it is inventions, something to be discovered in nature, making a new design, or new ideas for transforming something. VIOLET energy never renounces itself; it sings, plays, writes and paints, because people under VIOLET influence wants to be seen or heard, they want to create something new.

But no energy is without problems; to manage your energies is a mastering job in itself, and those who master this, are often those we call winners, whether in sports or business. They know how to exploit their strong and good advantages, and they use their other energies to make themselves even better. The only one that can make you yourself as perfect as possible is yourself. Therefore, you should look at yourself with new eyes and see how great you are and how many possibilities you have.

There is a saying that says, "DO IT." It is RED and means that only you can do it.
Fiolett energi
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