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Grønn energi

Grønn Energi

GREEN is for love and friendship. This is the kind, loving and humane energy that flows through our heart and makes us feel in love, pain, and sorrow, just as much as hatred, envy and evil.

When the heart no longer has a conscience for the negative actions we do, we are really half-dead. We only exist, we do not live. Therefore, it is so important that the GREEN energy, which is the balance point between what we call body and soul, really is in balance, and that we are capable of taking care of ourselves and love ourselves.

Always check your GREEN energy; because even if you are clever at school, good in sports or other leisure activities, and not nice to animals and other people, you have a big problem. GREEN energy is like all GREEN plants that need water. Our heart is a GREEN plant that needs to be watered with love and care to keep your body healthy. Remember, you can live with an ineffective brain, bad legs and arms, blind, deaf and paralyzed, but when your heart gives up, you die.

Our body is not without intelligence, and it is very cooperative. So be a friend to your body, and you will have a friend as long as you live.

Grønn energi
Colour Intelligence