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YELLOW means a talent to organize. It is an energy that deals with the ability to acquire knowledge and to manage your thoughts by concentration. You will recognize people with good, positive YELLOW energy by their calm and friendly attitude, their happy smile and incredible curiosity to learn new things.

Likewise, you will recognize a negative YELLOW person by their suspicious and critical attitude to anything he/she cannot accept as recognized knowledge. This is an energy that most people have some problems with, because it is the energy that controls your "ego," and your ego is not so simple to tamper with.

We all have an opinion about ourselves, and most people lie to themselves. Or you do not want to see what you do not like about yourself. A valid proverb here is: "It is easier to see the splinter in another’s eye than the beam in your own eye." The YELLOW energy is the bureaucrat in our body; and it is the YELLOW energy that wants control of the ORANGE energy, and in its way, makes problems for the teamwork of the body.

It is also like this in the real life, where the YELLOW energy in work and politics try to control everyone and everything; and this is a typical negative side that has to be fought all through life.

It is no good, neither for our own body nor for society, when the YELLOW negative sides are ruling and creating a bad quality of life for all concerned. Check yourself in the list below. On the negative side, there may be many things you should eliminate; and if not, cheer!
Gul energi
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