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Indigo energi

Indigo Energi

INDIGO energy is the challenge of the improbable. INDIGO is the source of everything that cannot be explained; all that you do not see and all that you cannot touch.

All research is based on breaking down all imaginable possibilities of the improbable, until it becomes something concrete, usable or visible, or at least something understandable. A person with a strong INDIGO energy in his/her Personality Test feels this as something concrete. It feels like they are two people, one that sees, walks and thinks, and one that tells, explains and gives good advice. If you listen to advice from your INDIGO partner, you are using what we call intuition.

If you see something that others do not see, we call it clairvoyance; and if you hear something in your head like music, you can be a composer. If you hear words and see another reality, in what we may call the fantasy world, you can be an author. But many choose not to see and not to hear, and then you deny your born intelligence for the improbable.
Indigo energi
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