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Oransje energi
Oransje energi

ORANGE means sensory-filled power. It is an energy that creates joy of life and creativity. We call these "joyful of life" human types ORANGE people. You will soon recognize them by their quick and restless behaviour.

They get ideas easily; but just as easily, they drop them. They often have more than one ball in the air and create activity and commotion among friends; and because what happens in the moment is what counts, and not what happens next, they are often not precise and have not planned what to do when the moment is over.

It is, therefore, important, if you have a strong or weak ORANGE energy, to be precautious, meaning that you should know yourself so well that you know what you must be aware of. It is not entirely without risk to live; whether you are young or old, you must be aware of your own codes all the time. So be cautious, if you recognize yourself in some of the negative characteristics of ORANGE. Maybe it is time to tidy up the thoughts that you have about yourself. Your whole life is, in fact, only about one thing, to manage your own mind.

Everything that is written here about the seven colour qualities is that you have to relate to everything that happens to you. Everything, from friendship, love, children, work, illness to death, is about those concepts that keep our moral and our ethical relation to you and to others in place, on the positive as well as the negative side.

So read through what is written about the positive and the negative sides of the ORANGE and correct what you do not like, it is not difficult, if you want to. But "will" is a word that the ORANGE avoids, like a proverb from the Norwegian author Henrik Ibsen:
"Wish it, even want it, but do it?"

Good advice is to use RED energy to help you, because the RED energy is a master in "to do."
Oransje energi
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