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Rød energi

Rød Energi

RED means physical power. It is an energy creating life-power, like the blood that flows through your veins and makes sure that the life-giving oxygen is transported from your lungs. This oxygen makes you breathe and bring more life to your blood. Surely, you can see a big difference between the people that are outdoors in the fresh air, and use their body during work or in sports, and the people that like to be indoors, in front of their computer or doing other mechanical work, where they use their head more than their body.

We call the physical human type RED people, not only because they often are muscular and have a fresh colour in their faces, but because they also have other features like courage, strength and stamina. Look at the different columns in the following list. On the left side, you will see all the positive characteristics for a RED person; and on the right side, all the negative characteristics. Whether you have a strong RED energy in your Personality Test results or RED energy further down, you ought to recognize some of these characteristics.

The idea with this test is to teach you to know yourself a little better and perhaps help you to move some of the negative characteristics over to the positive side. This is not easily done, believe me; but it is easier to do when you are young, and very difficult to do when you have passed fifty, and still have to deal with weaknesses on the negative side.
Rød energi
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