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Everyone has seen the rainbow one or many times in their life; this natural phenomenon, that lights up when there is a lot of water particles in the air.

The history about Noah’s arc is also well known. Noah’s arc survived the big flood; and God was regretful, and said, that as collateral for his promise to never let the Earth be flooded again, he would let the rainbow appear after each rainfall.

So the story has passed from generation to generation; and we have admired the rainbow, but we still know surprisingly little about what the colours in the rainbow mean.

If you want to understand what colour means to us as people, we must start with the origin of colour.

All the colours that we see in the rainbow, travel together with light down to Earth; and the light created by the sun, occurs under the constant explosions of basic matter lighting up the sun giving us life-preserving heat.

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Imagine that the light that you see outside during the day has travelled down from the Sun with a speed of 300,000 kilometres per second. And even if the Sun is 150 million kilometres away from us, it uses only 8 ½ minutes to reach us. The light travels a great distance in this short time, but light does not travel alone.

Together with light, there are many life-important rays that we have learned to exploit to our advantage.
n this drawing, you will see what the light brings along of rays that we totally depend on today. But still, we have not learned about the amazing influence colour has on everything from plants to fish, animals and people.

Hva er farger?
Colour Intelligence