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Colour Intelligence

Everything that has been created was first an idea. From an idea, knowledge is created; and from knowledge, reality is created. Inger Naess is our reality and from her visions and challenging creative thoughts, we have built a web-world: ColourEnergyInternational.com .
In Colour Intelligence, we have gathered different articles and extracts from lectures and courses given by Inger Naess, that we hope will inspire you; because from thoughts and opinions, new thoughts and opinions are created.

What is Colour Intelligence and what does it mean?
Simply, total consciousness; not only a special form of intelligence like IQ or EQ, but a form of intelligence covering seven forms of consciousness. We compare the seven possibilities of consciousness with the seven colours of the rainbow, each one special in both colour and frequency, together which they create the wonderful light we all enjoy. I do not think there is a single scientist who can claim to create the same light. Neither do I believe that there is any religion that dares claim that only their God has created this light, only for them, only for those who share their belief. The light shines for everyone, for rich and poor, for men as for women, for yellow and black as for white people.The light shines for birds and fish and all animals, plants and trees. All living things, live because of this light.

Colour Intelligence means…
simply that all life is intelligent, from parasites and virus to different forms of intelligence for behaviour and perception, valid for animals as well as people. We live in a world of impression, and we translate these impressions with the capacity or the form of intelligence we have. But, and here there is a big BUT, do we have a society that accepts all forms of intelligence?

I do not believe so...
Therefore, I have made these web pages to give me the possibility to tell about my views and perhaps make you recognise that there are great differences in our society. I think it is important that we, as people, give ourselves time to reflect on our life, and the life we have created for the next generation. I am left with the impression that things have gone too fast. We have been too preoccupied with welfare and growth and the pleasures of life. We have forgotten that we are a part of nature, and nature does not run. Adaption, whether it be to nature, to our body or to other nations, and perhaps other planets, depends on knowing who you are and how you adapt to your surroundings and circumstances in your own life.

We know so much...
We have so much information available, and the flow of information is increasing. But do we know what we need? Do we know ourselves so well that we can choose what is right for ourselves? These pages under Colour Intelligence are pages where I have submitted my opinions and where you can speak your opinions. We need better opportunities to protest than in newspaper polls to see how we, as "ordinary people," react to what is happening around us. We need a place to speak our opinions, and, if possible, to join the opinions we feel would be good for society. When sufficient people have the same opinion, we should be able to market the rights of democracy across the political borders.
Colour Intelligence
Colour Intelligence